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Wonderful Anoi Itam Beach, Sabang

Anoi Itam, Sabang
Anoi Itam, Sabang (1)

Anoi Itam seashore is located nearly 13 kilometers from the city center. To accomplish this beach you must use a motor or private car or cab with a travel grow old of nearly 30 minutes. The road to this place was relatively good although there are yet some obstacles such as holes or damaged roads. Concerns very nearly the environment of cell phone signals had emerged during the journey to Anoi Itam, still fittingly until the location of the signal atmosphere is back up to normal.

Anoi Itam, Sabang 2
Anoi Itam, Sabang (2)
Anoi Itam, a catchy name. According to the local language, Anoi means sand and Itam means black. Sand on this beach has a characteristic such as volcanic sand. The possibility that sand comes from the volcano on the island of Weh. That said, the sand upon this beach contains nickel, which weighs three era more than additional black sand. If you set your bare foot on these shores, it would seem that the sand on this seashore is better compared to other sand on the beach, most likely more in the manner of black peppercorns. For those of you who think that the white sandy beaches and soft texture is the definition of a pretty beach, maybe you are wrong, as we were. Exoticism that is owned by this beach, in our opinion, is not owned by any further beach in Indonesia, probably in the world. Black sand, great, but not rough, turquoise sea, the waves are lovely big, and the hills as regards it.

Anoi Itam, Sabang 3
Anoi Itam, Sabang (3)
Her pretty beach is the main attraction for tourists. In addition to enjoying the scenery pretty beaches, tourists can furthermore enjoy a tour of history. The beach close the castle are relics of Japan. In the past, the castle serves as a defense of the Japanese army.  Anoi Itam beach scenery would be pretty if you see at it from a Japanese castle located not in the distance from the beach. From the summit of the castle, you can look the vastness of the ocean decked out with shades of turquoise utterly pretty. Additionally, you can moreover look the expanse of the tall seas and Mount seulawah. However, you compulsion to know, you have to be cautious if you want to do something in the water here because the waves were quite huge and there are lots of sharp rocks.

Anoi Itam, Sabang 4
Anoi Itam, Sabang (4)
For those of you who are hungry, roughly speaking this coast there is as a consequence a cafe, His publicize is "Cafe Batee Gajah". Cafe herald is taken from a stone located on the beach at Anoi Itam which if observed looked once a little elephant. Here you can enjoy coffee Aceh. The aroma and taste of coffee Aceh will create the express more functional beach. In addition, you are plus obliged to attempt Rojak Aceh. In particular, this salad is different from additional salad in Indonesia. The differences are because there is one that is not on the locate in the other salad. Fruit Rumbia make known suggests, has a unique express and slightly bitter. For those who just environment it will quality a tiny queasy, but afterward mature they will get used and turned into tasty.

Anoi Itam, Sabang 5
Anoi Itam, Sabang (5)

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