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Let Traveled To Ulee Lheue Beach, Aceh

Ulee Lheue aceh1
Ulee Lheue, Aceh (1)

Ulee Lheue located just 3 km from Banda Aceh. It is easily accessible because it is not far afield from the city center, not quite 15 minutes drive from downtown subsequent to the Blang Padang and Punge Blang Cut. It is seize for relations recreation, unwind after discharge duty or just hang out following friends pass along dusk. Post-tsunami, Ulee Lheue addressed by the dispensation of Banda Aceh to construct a dike safety and a two-lane road linking Banda Aceh to the ferry ports. Panorama in Ulee Lheue seashore is certainly captivate anyone who wise saying it. How not, hours of daylight in imitation of a natural painting decked considering rows of mountains and small islands in the distance. Panorama is getting looks beautiful similar to the sun was nearly to recompense to the contest. once night radiant lights beautify the beauty of this region.

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Ulee Lheue, Aceh (2)
If you are enthusiasts of chronicles and religious culture, you can witness the commencement Baiturrahim Ulee Lheue Mosque. This mosque has a records that stretches up to the 17th century. At that time, the mosque is located entirely near to the beach was built by the Sultan of Aceh. Spiritual values, architecture, history, and religion, thick felt in Ule Lheue Mosque Baiturrahim this.
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Ulee Lheue, Aceh (3)
Ulee Lheue seashore does not se-exotic Lhoknga seashore area. The sand is black and looks unattractive, but it did not edit anemo people to visit this place. The sand is trusted by the local community contains high levels of iron / magnet that can cure various diseases such as rheumatism, cramps and aches. taking into account a fairly assuage water conditions, the region afterward offers various forms of water bikes at affordable price. For those who love fishing, here too there are many places for fishing. all afternoon, a lot of anglers who mehabiskan his become old here. Not on your own from the Banda Aceh region, but moreover from the district of Aceh Besar. For those who next agate, here too, there are many sellers agate vary types and vary variations with swap prices.

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Ulee Lheue, Aceh (4)
in the same way as evening came, many vendors are exploring wares along the road by the beach. The variety of food and drinks on sale here. Such as grilled corn, grilled chicken, Coconuts, dumplings, satay and its further snacks. This matter would be the ideal place to hang out and relax in the afternoon as soon as family and friends. Sunset is a moment indulgent enough to be missed. In this area you can enjoy the sunset following fishing boats foreground and background of blue tone yellowish. as soon as the Indian Ocean sea air is chilly and fresh, not incorrect if the area is crowded public interest.

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Ulee Lheue, Aceh (5)
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