Friday, 11 March 2016

Hidden Paradise Iboih Beach, Sabang

Iboih Beach
Iboih Beach

There are plans for a trip to the beach, but yet ashamed which seashore to go? You must attempt the beach most western tip of Indonesia who have exceptional beauty. There is a nautical paradise on the island which is the farthest dwindling of Indonesia, namely Pulau Weh. Who knows, This island has a lot of beauty that has not been ogled by tourists. Pulau Weh there are beaches that nevertheless maintained the veracity and beauty, named Iboih Beach. Here you will locate paradise in the real prudence of the word. you can look that in the bottom of the sea when the naked eye and without diving because of its clarity.

Iboih Beach
Iboih Underwater

Because the place is a bit hidden, making this beach is not too unexplored. assuage sea, makes you will really enjoy the beauty of the Iboih Beach. Clarity of the seawater makes the ships were anchored as if floating in the air. Here you can dive (Snorkeling) as you please. because along the seashore can be used as a spot for snorkeling. In addition to fish diverse, the coral reefs are moreover very amazing. If you're lucky, you'll look children sharks that are swimming approximately the edge of the sea. Iboih shallow ocean beach makes it agreed easy lo browse through the marine beauty of the Iboih beach.

Iboih beach
Iboih Beach

Here there are many ship belonging to the people who can be hired to get approximately the island or to just see dots to dreamy beauty beneath the sea with reference to the island Rubiah. Boats are understandable generally consists of small boats and huge boats. For those of us who can not swim, boats are generally equipped considering glass windows overlooking the grounds and can be used to look the beauty beneath the sea from the ship. But for those of you who want to snorkeling and diving, you can rent snorkeling passable tools at a price of Rp 40,000 per person and equipment that can be used is a float, the master snorkling and frog legs. For those of you who want to enjoy the underwater world more freely, you can rent diving equipment at the thesame epoch accompanied by a guide taking into account pay Rp 400,000 per person or 25 euros for foreign tourists.

Iboih are single-handedly not quite 1 hour steer from Sabang or from the port Balohan. Cost to be incurred approximately Rp. 50.000 or more for each person can be even cheaper if together past other travelers.

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