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Visit To Kuala Merisi, Aceh

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Kuala Merisi, Aceh (1)
Kuala Merisi seashore is a beach resort located in the district of Aceh Jaya. Kuala Merisi seashore is located precisely in Ketapang, district Krueng Sabee. To get to this beach, you could use public transport (bus) or hire a car or you can use a personal vehicle. Long journey of nearly 3 hours from the city of Banda Aceh to Calang (Aceh Jaya Capital) similar to a estrange of virtually 149 km. Just later the other beaches, beach kuala Merisi next affected by the tsunami suffered Banda Aceh in 2004. Kuala Merisi seashore has natural scenery is enormously pretty and amazing. In addition, Kuala Merisi seashore is afterward easy to visit. Kuala seashore Merisi sympathy is a unquestionably secure beach to visit. Its ventilate is quiet and the waves are not too huge to create the distinct advantages of this seashore for that reason that adds to the captivation of visitors to arrive to this beach.

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Many tourists visiting Kuala Merisi Beach, because Kuala Merisi seashore has a agreed lovely view bearing in mind white sand completely neat upon the seaside. The length of the coastline of Kuala Merisi itself along the 160 km. on this beach you can feel the weight of your missing. with an vent that is not fittingly crowded, the beach is certainly all right for you who are looking for a area to vacation and eliminate urban fatigue.

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Kuala Merisi, Aceh (3)
It was said that this seashore has a legend Bate Meurendam Princess Goddess Queen located at the estuary of Kuala Merisi. If you hope to locate out more approximately this legend, just try to ask a propos in imitation of people who were nearly the location. In accessory to the waves of the sea seashore is also not too tall for that reason it is still relatively safe to perform water at this beach. If you are already weary lie just about the seashore even though on mats to enjoy its beauty. In the vicinity of this seashore also had great quantity of food and beverage vendors. therefore if you're feeling hungry or thirsty gone visiting this beach, you buy it at the vendors who sell along the shore, get not forget to take out the garbage wrap food or beverage into his place.

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Kuala Merisi, Aceh (4)

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