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Trip To Pantan Terong, Aceh

Pantan Terong 1
Pantan Terong, Aceh (1)

Pantan Terong is located in the district Bebesan, 7.5 km from the town of Takengon, Central Aceh district and is located at an altitude of 1,830 meters above sea level and has a frosty air, no admiration this area to be one of the best places to enjoy the scenery is consequently beautiful. besides, Pantan Terong is furthermore the leading attractions are managed either by the local organization of Central Aceh district. if you want to visit Pantan Terong this Takengon from the city center, you will cover a distance of nearly 5 kilometers. The road to these places is unquestionably good, appropriately you reach not have to distress if you want to visit this these places but there are things you dependence to judge past going to Pantan Terong. behind a tall location that makes the road to get there is always up and sometimes quite steep, you have to make positive the state of your vehicle in a condition excellent. And if most likely you damaged vehicles on the road moreover has many little workshops along the mannerism that are ready to help you.

Pantan Terong 2
Pantan Terong, Aceh (2)
Pantan Terong presents two 'giant balcony' for tourists. First, upon the balcony level following three buildings, but slightly obstructed view of the lamppost. Second, under the balcony equipped little tribune that can be achieved once the visitors all along through the left side. Ecotourism region is unconditionally tempting. additional on this lessening alone, treats panorama birds has replaced the things feared to reach a destination. Plantation poking in the valleys. Pantan Terong is quite often visited by tourists because moreover scenery pretty beaches, this beach afterward has a place to be the location of kite flying (hang gliding). Pantan Terong is in addition to provided several supplementary supporting facilities for tourists such as the mosque, the home stage and cafe. For the cost of open into this area quite cheap at single-handedly Rp 2000 per person, because the cost was cited for maintaining the natural beauty in the place on the order of this Pantan Terong.

Pantan Terong 3
Pantan Terong, Aceh (3)
From the summit of Pantan Terong, the tourists can enjoy the spectacular scenery. Starting from the beaches in Banda Aceh, the verdant plains, ningga fresh water lake blue sea in the center of the green of nature. The view of Takengon after that sure views from the top Pantan Terong. Additionally, it will appear anyway arena Horse Racing Striped Bebangka in District Pegasing, airports Rembele in Simpang Tiga Redelong decorated past a clash of Bukit Barisan skyline.

Pantan Terong 4
Pantan Terong, Aceh (4)
total Pantan Terong reaching a top altitude 1830 meters above sea level, it is acknowledged the tourists to wear clothes that can hot the body. following more or less to leave, check the condition of the vehicle definite the terrain is quite challenging. pull off not forget to bring a camera, because the culmination Pantan Terong is a agreed appropriate spot to appropriate the moment.

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