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Great Mosque of Central Java

Great Mosque of Central Java1

For you who later than religious tourism, the great Mosque of Semarang is the absolute area to visit, moreover the mosque was used as a place of adulation Muslims can then be a area of religious tourism. Central Java Grand Mosque is categorically grand and pretty once. This mosque was built in 2001 and completed in its entirety in 2006. Judging from the length of manufacture, reach not be amazed if the mosque that stands on 10 hectares of house has become a categorically grand mosque. Central Java Grand Mosque was inaugurated by Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono upon November 14, 2006. The good Mosque of Central Java (MAJT) is a mosque for the province of Central Java province which is located in Semarang. The existence of the mosque is not out of the good Mosque Kauman Semarang. great Mosque of Central Java, Semarang is not located in the city center, but its location upon Jl. Gajah Raya, Village Sambirejo, Semarang, more or less 3.9 km from the Office of the governor of Central Java, 3.2 km from Simpang Lima.

Great Mosque of Central Java2

Architectural design of the good Mosque of Central Java was created by Ahmad Fanani, senior architect UGM graduates, who won the design competition this mosque on November 28, 2001. Laying the first rock of the mosque carried out on Friday, September 6, 2002 by the Minister of Religious Affairs, Chairman of MUI Central and Central Java bureaucrat at that time. The main building of the mosque were roofed pyramid typical of Javanese building but the section ends are after that equipped considering a large arena next a diameter of 20 meters coupled as soon as having four towers are each as high as 62 meters upon each corner of the roof as a form of the mosque building universal Islam unlimited as soon as a tower remove from the mosque building as tall as 99 meters. Roman style is as well as evident from the existing building 25 pillar. The pillars are stylized in the Roman Colosseum Athena decked out like beautiful calligraphy calligraphy, and symbolizes the 25 Prophet and the Prophet, the gain access to afterward written two sentences creed, on a flat, inscribed in Arabic Malay "Guno Sucining Gapuraning Gusti". The estrange from the curb to the front yard of the mosque just about 150 meters, passing postal vehicle parking tickets. In the stomach courtyard there is a rock inscription of the good Mosque of Central Java as tall as 3.2 meters and weighing 7.8 tons, comes from the slopes of Mount Merapi, and carried out by I Nyoman Alim Mustapha from the village Pabelan, Mungkid. just about 60 meters east of the inscriptions contained cottage drum, a drum Ijo giant works of KH. Ahmad Shobri of Village Tinggarjaya, Jatilawang, Banyumas. Bedugnya length of 3.1 m, 1.86 m radius of the skin, and the central radius 2,20 m. Ijo drum was made of wood Waru archaic age. Inside the drum there is with a cottage Kentongan Ijo. Two giant hydraulic umbrella column amounted to a sum of six pieces. The giant umbrellas are opened and closed by the automatic driving, imitating a giant umbrella that has been there in the past at Masjid Nabawi Medina, making the good Mosque of Central Java became the second mosque in the world that has an umbrella afterward that. Umbrella poles culmination reaches 20 meters, once span or umbrella spokes, along 14 meters.

Great Mosque of Central Java3

Reportedly Central Java Grand Mosque is the largest mosque and perhaps most luxurious hotel in Central Java province, which tally up food court area, auditorium, viewing tower, museum of Islamic culture, businesses, parks, parking lots, souvenir shops, and hotels. The cost of construction is said to have cost Rp.230 billion, from the initial scheme that on your own Rp.30 billion. In areas MAJT in addition to tote up Tower of Asma Al-Husna high as 99 meters, consisting of: 1st floor functioned for Radio Studio Dais MAJT, 2nd floor functioned for museum fee of Islam in Central Java, Floor 18 as the restaurant rotates, the 19th floor of a substation view of city Semarang and upon the 19th floor is the place rukyat al-hilal. MAJT in addition to have a collection of giant-sized Quran 145 x 95 cm. Handwritten by Drs. Khyatudin, from Pondok Pesantren Al-'Ashariyya, Kalibeber, Mojotengah, Wonosobo. Its location is in the main room a area of prayer. approach to the Tower Asmaul Husna Rp. 3,000, and Rp. 4000 after 17:30. The tower opened to the public 08:00 to 21:00 hours. upon the deck of view Asmaul Husna Tower provided a telescope to enjoy the panorama as regards the mosque. The main hall of the great Mosque of Central Java, supported by pillars. Basic pillars of colored painting of Central Javanese batik patterned tumpal, kawung and machete-parangan.
Central Java Grand Mosque is a religious tourist needs to visit in the city of Semarang. It is augmented to visit the great Mosque of Central Java in the tardy afternoon correspondingly they can enjoy the view at night bearing in mind the lights illuminate the mosque compound. along with extremely interesting if we could look a giant umbrella afterward it expands.

Great Mosque of Central Java4

How ? engaging is not it, especially for you who bearing in mind a magnificent mosque architecture, it is unfortunate if not been to one of these magnificent mosques in Indonesia. Here you visitors will environment with coming to the Prophet's Mosque. Now the great Mosque of Central Java in auxiliary to instinctive a area of high regard moreover became one of the sights in Semarang themed religious.

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