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Gapang Beach, Sabang

Gapang Beach, Sabang1
Gapang Beach, Sabang (1)
Gapang beach is located roughly 17 kilometers from the town of Sabang. Iboih Urban Village, District Sukakarya, Kota Sabang. To acquire there, tourists can use public transport or private vehicles. If from Kota Sabang will understand approximately 45 minutes. The journey will be definitely fast, because along the mannerism will be pampered considering beauty Pulau Weh.

Gapang Beach, Sabang2
Gapang Beach, Sabang (2)
The pull of white sand upon the beach, washed by turquoise water, accompanied solid of the waves that swept the seashore is an sympathy in itself in Gapang. Its crystal clear sea water at this beach makes the to-do of snorkeling, diving, plane ski and aptitude boat becomes more enjoyable. If you in imitation of fishing, this beach has been provided a place for fishing in the sea. If you're heading to the dock, from the summit of the pier you can look the beauty of the sea coral noticeable. You can then see a variety of marine animals that roam along with the rocks that surround the pier.

Gapang Beach, Sabang3
Gapang Beach, Sabang (3)
Gapang beach broadcast is derived from the names of trees that surround the coast, namely Gapang tree. This Gapang beach has waves that harder than Iboih beach. Because Gapang beach directly opposite the high seas, in contrast to the twist Iboih seashore Island blocked Rubiah. The sudden effect of the existence of the Tree Gapang is to have the funds for a panoramic view of the beautiful green and make a frosty seaside atmosphere. You'll look a lot of tourists relax below a tree Gapang. For photographers, nature going on for the Gapang island nevertheless enormously natural. You will be unquestionably satisfied as soon as the undertakings of pictures taken at this place. It is no admiration many visitors from Europe who arrive here. In this place they enjoy the ventilate even if Gapang seashore vibes chilly breeze. This will present an way of being of silent relaxation, peaceful, and comfortable. In the evenings, the melody Gapang Coast will environment more lonely. At a estrange looks glowing lights Sabang City at odds by sea
Gapang Beach, Sabang4
Gapang Beach, Sabang (4)
going on for the coast there are a broad variety of lodging and restaurants, suitably it gives a wisdom of comfort for you while visiting. In addition, get not forget to try a broad variety of culinary Aceh at this place. Seafood menu is a culinary mainstay in Gapang. consequently savory to eat seafood that has been served by a restaurant a propos the beach, while enjoying the natural scenery Gapang gorgeous beach. The price of food here is relatively inexpensive. thus what are you waiting for? quickly come and enjoy the beauty of the Gapang beach.

Gapang Beach, Sabang5
Gapang Beach, Sabang (5)
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