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Two Colors Waterfall, North Sumatera

Two Colors Waterfall, North Sumatera1
Two Colors Waterfall, North Sumatera (1)

Two Colors Waterfall is located approximately 80 km from the city field, precisely in the middle of forests and articles. neighboring the Karo Regency. Located 75 kilometers from the city of Medan. This tourist likeness has the vibes of the cold mountains and filled similar to fascinating tourist spot. Bi-color waterfall Sibolangit is the ideal location for those who adore the traveling. To accomplish this place, you can use an inter-city bus from Medan Kabanjahe majors. Additionally, you can after that use a private vehicle. Although permission to this area already in the know a lot of people, but you have to prepare extra dynamism to get through the dense jungle forest for 2 to 3 hours. Although through heavy woods, but do not worry, along the exaggeration has been provided signs to "Two Colors Waterfall".

Two Colors Waterfall, North Sumatera2
Two Colors Waterfall, North Sumatera (2)
The fees "Dwi Colors Waterfall", you will be charged roughly Rp 25,000. Moreover, fixed idea the admission reduction that resembles ground adventure in the woods, you can enlist the facilities of a local tour lead for Rp. 100,000, - to Rp. 300.000, -. Depending on the amount of your entourage.

Two Colors Waterfall, North Sumatera3
Two Colors Waterfall, North Sumatera (3)
"Dwi Colors Waterfall Sibolangit" called bi-color because the waterfall is located in the lake blue frosty and not far away from the site there is a waterfall white warm. Bi-color waterfall is the source of water comes from the mountain Sibayak. Altitude This waterfall is located at 1270 meters above sea level. The shower water beast stored from under canescent even if boisterous waterfall spilling from the top of a lighthearted blue. This bi-color waterfall there are three waterfalls in one location create the scenery more fun taking into account a refreshing environment. Actually, scientifically this color difference is because of the content of phosphorus and sulfur. This is because the waterfalls originating from eruptions this Sibayak forming streams that flowed sulfur which later united once water catchment forests. That mannerism the water feels cold and blue. Waterfall bi color can be used as a area for a refreshing family. We can swim in the lake even if enjoying the roomy let breathe and cold expose something like Dwi Colors Waterfall. If you want more mature to enjoy this natural beauty, you can camping on the order of Dwi Colors Waterfall. The event to remember is to not damage the natural surroundings.

Two Colors Waterfall, North Sumatera4
Two Colors Waterfall, North Sumatera (4)
To its outlook in the reforest course, be understood if one fellow feeling does not have a lot of public facilities. Therefore, make definite that you have prepared all the necessities that you will bring. What's more, if you choose to camp and spend the night here.

Two Colors Waterfall, North Sumatera5
Two Colors Waterfall, North Sumatera (5)
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