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Freshness Blang Kolam, Aceh

Blang Kolam, Aceh(1)
Blang Kolam (1)

Blang Kolam is located in Sidomulyo village, Kuta Makmur subdistrict, North Aceh. Located virtually 21 KM from Lhokseumawe. To go Blang Kolam, we will pass the road slippery and steep. However, along the way there will be clues to this waterfall the length of from their hence scare not if will be lost. trip can be reached using private vehicles or public transportation, or can use swing by using a motorcycle or motor tricycles taking into account fares ranging amongst Rp. 10,000 to Rp. 25,000.

blang kolam2
Blang Kolam (2)
subsequent to at the location Balng Kolam, you'll be wearing an door development of Rp. 2,000. Here you can look the trail in the form of stairs up and downhill. The number of steps that must be passed is 660. You shall be cautious later than passing these stairs, past some stairs there are slippery and some are already partially broken. For those who are weary of walking should discontinue to unwind. upon the right and left of the stairs is still a dense forest that is nevertheless natural, fittingly the freshen in the place is nevertheless maintained its freshness. Along the journey you will be accompanied by the chirping of flora and fauna and often you will look monkeys swinging in the trees.

Blang Kolam(3)
This waterfall has a top of 75 meters. The freshen in Blang Kolam in fact extremely cool, because of its location which is under rimbunya trees and away from pollution. The waterfall here is always flowing in all season. under him there is furthermore a rock that makes a small pond pond. Because of its definite water, you can see the fish clearly. You can next swim here without terrify of getting wet. facilities in the region of the waterfall was beautiful good. There is a toilet to find it easier to swim to alter clothes, no mosque as a place of worship. In addition, the security here awake for rescuers will be ready to support you if there is something that does not want. If you atmosphere hungry, in Blang Kolam next superbly provided some gazebo taking into consideration food and drink vendors.

Blang Kolam(4)

So, please add Blang Kolam into your holiday list. :)

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