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The Exoticism White Crater Tinggi Raja, North Sumatra

White Crater Tinggi Raja, North Sumatra1
White Crater Tinggi Raja, North Sumatra (1)
Dolok Tinggi Raja is located in the village of Dolok Merawan, District Dolok Tapian, Simalungun, North Sumatra Province. The place has been protected past 1924 through a joint play-act Simalungun kings. This region is a lowland tropical rain forest is lush and green subsequently a composition of diverse tree stands. Potential flora that mount up in this region is dominated by Meranti Flowers (Shorea parfivolia), Walnut (Cannarium sp.), Malu Tua (Tristia sp.) For the types of trees and shrubs consists of rattan (Calamus sp.), Orchid (Bulbophylum sp. ), Pouch Semar (Nepenthes sp.), and Pandan (Pandanus, sp.).Potential fauna based on research last year in 1999, there were more than 45 species of wild animals, which are already protected, namely the Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae), wild boar, hare, deer, deer, mountain goats, Siamang, various types of monkeys and reptiles, and after that Honey Bear. However fauna most often and most easily found is the hornbill.

White Crater Tinggi Raja, North Sumatra2
White Crater Tinggi Raja, North Sumatra (2)
Warm springs that accomplish temperatures of vis--vis 90 degrees centigrade White Tinggi Raja is derived from the little hills in the area, in view of that that the hot water was practiced to eruption an egg to mature. The flow of hot water flowing amid rocks limestone staircase steps, this incident made the rock becomes white as snow. Most people call it the hot Snow.

White Crater Tinggi Raja, North Sumatra3
White Crater Tinggi Raja, North Sumatra (3)
There are two places that can be visited in the area's attractions. The first is a limestone hill traversed by the flow of warm water that makes these rocks into lovely eyes, there is furthermore the beauty of the natural rug formed from mossy river flow that passed the hot water makes these rocks as a whitish green carpet.Above there is furthermore a natural pond later than an place huge acceptable that emit warm springs bubbling from the bottom of the pool visible, which of course, visitors are prohibited from bathing in that area. The flow of hot water through the bushes and trees that dries gathered together to form a blue-green lake is enormously beautiful. The second area is in the bottom of the cliff. Here visitors can enjoy or moist in water. There is a cold streams and waterfalls flowing from the hill above make this area a destination to soak after visitors enjoy the beauty of hot water over. These hot springs are believed to contain sulfur which is fine for skin health later than used for bathing or just to wash the limbs.

White Crater Tinggi Raja, North Sumatra4
White Crater Tinggi Raja, North Sumatra (4)
What are you waiting for? come visit this place, keep, avoid all sorts of undertakings that destroy nature.

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