Friday, 11 March 2016

Hawaii Van Indonesia, Sumur Tiga Beach, Sabang

The wind blows, was waving palm trees and chasing waves. In the distance, a sprawling sea of distinct blue. Coral seabed exotic colors emit lighthearted in back exposed to the sun. in the publicize of a painting, a view of the Sumur Tiga Beach, Sabang, Weh Island, Aceh, at noon will indulge all tourist who comes. Crystal definite waters and beaches reflect net gradation handsome sea water. Ranging in color from green to spacious blue to dark blue. Not one that many who say that this seashore is its Hawaii van Indonesia.

sumur tiga beach
Sumur Tiga Beach, Sabang
The existence of this seashore is simple to reach, just 10 minutes from the middle of Sabang and 20 minutes from the harbor Balohan, Sabang. The beach is located in the area of Ie Meule, District Sukajaya, Sabang. Travelers can use a motor rickshaw to acquire there. Sumur Tiga seashore offers the natural beauty of the marine natural environment. The aerate is tidy makes this beach an ideal place to venerate the beauty of the sunrise. Moreover, this seashore is located upon the east side of Pulau Weh. upon the supplementary side, along the edge of the beach is nevertheless filled taking into account coconut trees, the alleviate at the era of sun throb the skin. The beach is as a consequence preparing clean white sand. Long stretches of sand more than 2 kilometers. It is said that this is the longest coastline on the island of Weh. This beach has a width of practically 15 meters which fits into the playground and sunbathing.

Sumur Tiga Beach
Sumur Tiga Beach, Sabang
In the morning, the sun gradually began to emerge, emit red thus as to create a tender expose for tourists. Waves roaring seemed to refract lively is impure taking into account its spacious blue sea water. This phenomenon makes the impression upon the beach becomes warmer. The tourists who in imitation of fotograpi will commandeer the beautiful moments of this by looking for the right spot to shoot in order to produce images that captivate.

sunrise sumur tiga
Sunrises Sumur Tiga Beach, Sabang
Out of the ordinary uniqueness of this seashore there are three spacious water wells. In fact, the competently is located just 15 meters from the sea. Sumur Tiga become an icon of the region as skillfully as a forerunner to the publicize of the beach. At the seashore location is furthermore a legacy of Japan's historical sites. Namely, the amount of the fort the rest of the Occupied Japan although less competently maintained, but the fort can nevertheless be found in the coastal area of Sumur Tiga Beach. Sumur Tiga seashore can be regarded as a quay for those who subsequently comings and goings of diving and snorkeling and wind surfing.

sumur tiga beach
Sumur Tiga Beach
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So, immediately put Sumur Tiga Beach in Aceh on the list of your next trip.

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