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Maimun Palace, Architectural Uniqueness Coat 4 Countries - Medan, North Sumatera

Maimun Palace1
Maimun Palace 1
Maimun Palace is a origin of the Sultanate of Deli in Sumatra ground. The building of this palace is then a tourist icon Medan metropolitan city icon bearing in mind the 3rd largest in Indonesia. Until now, Maimun Palace is yet regarded as the grandest and most pretty castles ever built and can nevertheless be seen in Indonesia. ocher palace located at Jalan Brig Katamso - This field, located in the Village of Sukaraja subdistrict Medan Maimun, Medan. Maimun palace which is a legacy of the Royal Deli was built on August 26, 1888 and was inaugurated upon May 18, 1891. The building faces east palace which consists of two floors considering three sections: the main building, left wing and right wing. In stomach of practically 100 meters going on the Al-infallible, known as the good Mosque of Medan. The palace has an place of 2,772 m2 has a unique architecture considering a immersion of several elements of Malay culture style of Islam, Spain, India and Italy. This immersion presents uniqueness is what gives the building a distinctive character.

Maimun Palace2
Maimun Palace 2
The fascination of Medan Maimun Palace is not by yourself the age of the building, but as a consequence upon the uniqueness of the interior design. Forms windows and entre zenith and width is the put on of Dutch architecture, while some supplementary right to use shows the involve of Spanish architecture. Their arch on the roof later than a pinnacle of about 5-8 meters shows the fake of Islam. The arch is similar to an upturned boat, known as the Persian arch pillar which is moreover popular in Turkey, middle East, and India. The building of this palace has 40 rooms with 20 rooms upstairs and the descend downstairs. In addition, there is yet a warehouse, kitchen, four bathrooms, as without difficulty as prisons. Some of the material to construct the palace comes from Europe, such as marble, terrazzo and tile flooring. Parent or Hall building has an area of 412 square meters. This is where the throne of the Sultanate of Deli is located. You can commandeer the image next the background of the throne once visiting Medan Maimun Palace. Throne throne dominated by yellow. Overall, this Medan Maimun Palace building is yellow. This color is considered a color of greatness by the Malays. upon the throne of the sultan are European-style crystal chandeliers illuminate the throne. The throne is nevertheless used today in special ceremonies, such as the coronation Sulatan or next the Sultan normal praised from relatives members in celebration of the holy days of Islam. European style upset upon Medan Maimun Palace seen in furnishings, such as tables, chairs, and cabinets. The old furnishings made subsequently thus elaborate and complex. Awe of the grandeur attractions Medan this one does not just stop there. You can look the decorations upon the interior of the palace is full of color and detail, presenting a neat and lovely order.

Maimun Palace3
Maimun Palace 3
Within the palace puzzling are cannons butts, butts Meriam Malays according to Saga is the incarnation of the Green's sister Princess of the Kingdom of Deli Tua named Mambang fictional turned into cannon in excuse of the belligerence of King's Palace Aceh who rejected his proposal by Putri Hijau. This incarnation cannon continuous firing grenades to the barrel becomes in view of that warm and eventually split into two cut off parts taking into consideration one another. After 300 years highly developed later the Deli Sultanate held by Sultan Ma'mun Al Rashid Perkasa Alam (1873-1924), the gun was discovered through a dream. In the dream, Sultan told that a cannon parts were in clumps rambung (sap) is good in belly of the palace. subsequent to checked and sure enough, the Sultan construct a area to accrual the cannon on the right tummy of the palace.

Maimun Palace4
Maimun Palace 4
though the end of the cannon was eventually found in Seberaya, entered in the District. Tanah Karo. Because not neglected, by the people and after that transferred to the storage Sukanalu. Most local people still assume in the total of this legend and receive that the gun butts in reality bring blessings. This is the cause of various flowers sprinkled on summit of the cannons were stored in a room measuring approximately 4 x 6 meters.  ( source : )

Maimun Palace5
Maimun Palace 5
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