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Tsunami Memories - Tsunami Museum, Aceh

Tsunami Museum 1
Tsunami Museum, Aceh (1)

Not supreme it, if you visit without visiting Aceh Tsunami Museum. most likely they thought in your mind lantahkan disaster that destroyed Banda Aceh and its surroundings in the year 2004. To commemorate the Tsunami disaster, in the wake was a museum in Banda Aceh Tsunami Museum named. The museum was officially opened at the end of February 2009. The museum building is unique, building design is agreed through auditions that ultimately won by Mr. M. Ridwal Kamil, who is a lecturer of ITB and is entitled to 100 million. The museum itself spent 140 billion for its development. next viewed from above, this museum reflects the move of a tsunami wave. taking into account viewed from the side, this museum looks when a lifeboat afterward an broad deck.

Tsunami museum2
Tsunami Museum, Aceh (2)

afterward you enter this Tsunami Museum through the main admittance you are greeted like the dark hallways taking into consideration the effects of water that falls from above, as if you are inside the Tsunami waves. Be cautious considering your head, set occurring a broad-brimmed cap that hair and your clothes are not wet. After that you will arrive at the exhibition hall. Exhibit flavor is dominated by dark colors. In this room you can see pictures of the post-tsunami events. There is moreover room light of God, here you can test yourself neighboring the slant of the tsunami greeting as soon as nod flow, and if you are thriving you will go to the Bridge of Hope. subsequently it reaches this bridge, the survivors saying the flag of 52 countries, as they lend a hand to them. Through this bridge, with a tsunami through the water to acquire to forward-looking ground. Here afterward akaan in spinned documentary approximately tsunami which lasted nearly 15 minutes. acquire out of here you will see a lot of photos and artifacts giant tsunami. Here there will along with be a miniature of her during a tsunami. following the people who were running, in the manner of the tsunami waves swept inland, and the other as his.

Tsunami Museum 3
Tsunami Museum, Aceh (3)

on the third floor there are various means of knowledge of science and technology-based earthquake and tsunami. Here afterward there earthquake liveliness which can be set out the scale richtel we want. If we are lucky, we can look a simulated earthquake and tsunami in the form of 4D. At the stop of the visit, we can purchase some souvenirs of Aceh. Below, we can relax for a while below a bridge of wish while looking at the ornamental fish and the deck can even if taking photos of the museum. Not infrequently, here next become a pre-wedding photos. Here with is easy to use mosque and cafes, for that reason for those of you who tone hunger could be instantly popped into this place.

Tsunmai Musum4
Tsunami Museum, Aceh (4)

Because of its location in the city center, Tsunami Museum is easily found. located in Jalan Sultan Iskandar Muda, Banda Aceh. You can use a private vehicle to the museum, or use public transportation or public transportation sperti called labi-labi, bentor or taxi.

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