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The Hot Spring Keuneukai, Sabang

The hot spring Keuneukai2
The hot spring Keuneukai, Sabang (1)
One of the attractions featured in District Sukajaya, Sabang is an Keuneukai hot water bath. To go to Keuneukai itself is not difficult, there are large quantity of public transportation that can be used, such as rickshaws, taxis and motorcycle rental, either from the middle or from the harbor Balohan Sabang. Located upon the southern coast allows us to enjoy the beauty of the blue Andaman Sea, yes but we can enjoy fishing events are there we can afterward look a refer view of Pulau Nasi and Pulau Breuh.

The hot spring Keuneukai2
The hot spring Keuneukai, Sabang (2)
Source of warm water here comes from Volcano Jaboi. First of all put the body into the hot water pool, felt when a body massage. For those of you who have skin diseases could attempt bathing in a hot water bath Kaneukai, must be agreed fresh. Most people think that the by yourself hot spring in the area of Java, but they are many who pull off not know if in Sabang there was then a warm water bath a very daring period to be there. reach not worry, for travel in kotas sabang tariff could be said to be the lowest in the manner of compared to further places. There are several pools there and he was cleaned every Friday, because many tourists who come on Saturday and Sunday.

The hot spring Keuneukai3
The hot spring Keuneukai, Sabang (3)
Natural warm springs contain sulfur her usual. Soaking in warm tubs subsequently temperatures with reference to 35 degrees Celsius, causing the skin pores will open, consequently that the skin will make laugh various minerals needed by the body. The blood circulation will along with run more smoothly, it is because the blood vessels are dilated. In addition, using a warm soak can cure skin diseases, rashes, rheumatism, enhance vitalitas and come up with the money for relaxation in the muscles and joints.
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