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Meet Orang Utan in Bukit Lawang, North Sumatera

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Natural world tourism is a mainstay in Bukit Lawang Leuser has charisma because of endangered species of wild Sumatran orangutans and panoramic semi tropical rainforest. Bukit Lawang, or greater than before known as the Sumatran Orangutan Observation center is located in Plantation Village Bukit Lawang, North Sumatra bohorok. This place has an area of 200 hectares. Located 68 km northwest Kota Binjai and nearly 80 km northwest of the city of Medan. Achieving Bukit Lawang can be reached by road from the city of Medan, North Sumatra. proceed next the Binjai by public transportation via bus terminal Pinang Baris Medan. Can along with be reached by private vehicle takes nearly 2.5 hours from the city of Medan. Initially Bukit Lawang is an orangutan rehabilitation center. But along behind its development, this place is developing into Observation center or the Sumatran Orangutan Viewing Centre. Currently the Bukit Lawang become tourism destination in North Sumatra visited by domestic and foreign tourists.

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Bukit Lawang supplement to offering outstanding natural beauty later thick forests also gives the manner of a kind action to the visitor more or less any of that will be obtained through the interaction amongst the visitor next a tour guide. Not difficult to find tour guides in Bukit Lawang, arguably sampir every communities Bukit Lawang familiar similar to the area suitably that not a few visitors employ local people to guide them to enjoy the outdoors in the form of tropical rain forest is definitely dense. after that travel what can be enjoyed in Bukit Lawang? In complement to playing 'rafting' upon the river Bahorok by using tires that many rented across the region, tourists can as well as visit the existence of orangutans by Ponggo Resortnya namely Orang Utan Rehabilitation middle in Bukit Lawang. Utan rehabilitation middle was usual on the world's natural detachment fund WWF (World Wild dynamism Found) before 1973, aims to meliarkan put up to orang utan to its indigenous address in the forests of Gunung Leuser National Park (TNGL). Orangutan population is estimated there are 300 individuals in the wild forests of the TNGL. Some tails of them all hours of daylight to be fed by officers from Bukit Lawang Sub TNGL Hall. Providing food for the orang utan twice each day, each ranging from at 8:30 to 09:30 pm and the afternoon roughly pukul.15.00 - 16:00 pm. Several bunches of bananas and milk pail for food is already prepared orang utan, so the sympathy of feeding of the orang-utan is a fun sight for tourists both local and foreign tourists. (Source: in the manner of edits)

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In the place of Bukit Lawang there is a cave containing thousands of bats consequently named Goa bat. make unfriendly Goa Bats at the right of entry of Bukit Lawang is a 15-minute walk. In it, you can witness the phenomenon of cave ceiling that see hairy past is the hordes of bats is engrossed lovely sleep. In complement to the bat, you can look the beauty of the cave interior is equipped later stalagmites co-conspirator obsolete who knows how many years because it looks essentially great.

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Amenities in Bukit Lawang tourist lodges put in natural shades later than rates shifting between Rp. 100,000 to Rp. 500,000 per night. further tourist services friendly in the form of restaurants, camping ground, feeding sites, and boat crossings to the Leuser region. Bukit Lawang is manageable in many experienced local guides. For visitors who dependence a lead for adventure in the Leuser can admission the Indonesian Guides membership (HPI) Bukit Lawang.

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