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Great Mosque of An-Nur, Riau

Great Mosque of An-Nur, Riau1

great Mosque of An-Nur is a mosque located in Pekanbaru, Indonesia. An-Nur Grand Mosque was built in 1963 and was completed in 1968. Viewed from the side of the building, the good Mosque of An-Nur is much influenced architectural style Malay, Turkish, Arab and India. good Mosque of An-Nur Riau in Pekanbaru is called called Taj costly Riau province. with we observe the architectural good Mosque of An-Nur does have some similarities taking into consideration the Taj Mahal. Architecture of the great Mosque of An-Nur was designed by Ir. Roseno as soon as a size of 50 x 50 m, located in a yard that trial 400 x 200 m. The facility of the mosque can accommodate practically 4,500 worshipers. Building the good Mosque of An-Nur consists of three levels. The upper level is used for prayers, and demean levels for offices and meeting rooms. great Mosque of An-Nur has three steps, 1 piece of stairs in the stomach and two pieces of the ladder upon the side. At the top is composed of 13 pieces of the right to use and the bottom is composed of four pieces of the edit and has large rooms and a hall. even if calligraphy found in the room of the great Mosque of An-Nur is written by a calligrapher named Azhari Nur of Jakarta which was written in 1970. The good Mosque of An-Nur then equipped in the manner of various services bearing in mind education from playgrup, kindergarten, elementary, Junior High School & Senior High School, a firm library and services such as halls and meeting rooms, classrooms and expose for office space.

Great Mosque of An-Nur, Riau2

Great Mosque of An-Nur inaugurated by Arifin Ahmad, Riau proprietor at that epoch and in 2000 at the epoch of the governor Saleh Djasit mosque was renovated on a large scale. good Mosque of An-Nur Riau that we have seen suitably magnificent today is not the original building development results in 1966 and inaugurated in 1968. But it is the outcome of a sum renovation of the building and rebuilding of the good Mosque of An-Nur old. At the face of the millennium in 2000, similar to below the leadership of Riau superintendent Saleh Djasit, the great Mosque of An-Nur long in total flatten into its current form. From 2000 the construction of this mosque house area tripled from the previous without help 4 hectares to 12.6 hectares. The extent of this other mosque house provides adaptableness for get into estate for public penyediakan Pekanbaru including green park area and parking place in view of that vast. In the records of the great Mosque of An-Nur was next a campus for the skill of Islamic Theology Islamic Institute (IAIN) Sultan Syarif Kasim Pekabaru at the coming on of its founding until 1973. IAIN Syarif Kasim Sultan has now become the divulge Islamic academic circles of Sultan Syarif Kasim (UIN SUSKA) Pekanbaru.

Great Mosque of An-Nur, Riau3

Here is a capability of the great Mosque of An-Nur Pekanbaru

    * The arena floor of the mosque is a mosque committee secretariat, management, puberty mosques and places the implementation of Islamic education.
    * The mosque is furthermore understandable free hot spot without pay and clear addict logon without asking for a password, appropriately if you tolerate your Wifi-enabled laptop can surf as much !.
    * In the courtyard of the good Mosque of An-Nur Riau is a spacious field, afterward the late afternoon may be crowded urban communities to exercise or relax.
    * house Parking Grand Mosque is unconditionally broad, both motorcycles and four-wheeled vehicles and six. Its location is moreover safe, comfortable.


Great Mosque of An-Nur, Riau4

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