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Breeding Crocodiles - Asam Kumbang, North Sumatera

Breeding Crocodiles - Asam Kumbang1
Breeding Crocodiles - Asam Kumbang (1)

Breeding Crocodiles Asam Kumbang great Travel Medan "Safe, Comfortable, and Clean" has been usual back 1959. Crocodile Asam Kumbang is a reptile crocodile breeding park in Indonesia. Garden has an place of two hectares is even becoming the largest crocodile park in Southeast Asia. The right to use move forward Asam Kumbang crocodiles farm field, including travel cost for the edit develop to fascinating sites this pitch solitary Rp 5,000 (in 2011). Here you can see the gathering of thousands of crocodiles of every ages, in auxiliary Crocodile, crocodile farm This ground plus has a hoard of animals such as turtles, snakes and some other animals. And do not trouble be crocodiles in captivity Asam Kumbang because crocodiles are placed in ponds and in exaggerated lake in view of that safe for visitors. Quite easily locate the location of this crocodile farm. Public transportation will drop you off at the stomach gain access to bearing the image of the crocodile which is a board of directions to Taman Buaya. From this gate, just mosey virtually 100 meters and came to the location of Taman Buaya. In addition, entry to breeding beetles bitter is fairly easy and can be traversed by every means of transportation such as public Medan, tricycles and motorcycles and cars. Situated upon Jalan Bunga Raya district of Medan Selayang 59 Asam Kumbang village, five kilometers from the center of Medan, Crocodile Park originated from a occupation Lo Tham Muk, local residents in 1959 will be reptiles. Currently the food needs of a crocodile -buaya that spend at least one ton of duck or chicken.

Breeding Crocodiles - Asam Kumbang2
Breeding Crocodiles - Asam Kumbang (2)
Beetles in captivity biting is also no attractions crocodiles undertaken by a handler. The handler will put the chicken into the crocodile's mouth and the audience the be active will pay 20,000.

Breeding Crocodiles - Asam Kumbang3
Breeding Crocodiles - Asam Kumbang (3)
So, for you who desire to look thousands of crocodile in one place, hurry to arrive here. Crocodile park is gain access to every morning from 09:00 to 18:00 pm. If you visit here, I recommend to remain cautious, despite the crocodile is seen sleeping and silent, may hastily pounce upon you. : D hehe ... Just Kidding :)
Breeding Crocodiles - Asam Kumbang4
Breeding Crocodiles - Asam Kumbang (4)
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