Friday, 11 March 2016

Natural Fish Therapy : Pria Laot Waterfall, Sabang

Pria Laot Waterfall
Pria Laot Waterfall

Pria Laot Waterfall located in the upper reaches of the mountain, in the southern allowance of the island weh. from Sabang have to lid a isolate of 12km. To locate this place you should end at the stop of the village bridge located just in stomach of the water tower pump Sabang. From here the journey continues on foot as far afield as 1km. This place offers an unspoiled natural charm. Green trees approximately Waterfall make the place on the subject of the air was fresh and cool. Entering this place the tourists will be greeted when a variety of nature singing. will even seen some of its new wild animals that seemed to within acceptable limits the tourists.

pria laot sabang
Pria Laot, Sabang

You will pass the steep rocks and occasionally annoyed the river to acquire to this waterfall. in June to August, along the lane of the waterfall would be dominated by a butterfly emerging from a cocoon.

pl, sabang
Pria Laot Waterfall, Sabang

below this waterfall there is a pond gone an area of 10m and supplementary 1 to 1.5 meters. even though not thus extensive but swim and take a dip in this pool brings a special sensation for tourists. The longer the soak, the tourists will atmosphere the sensation of therapy. traveler entire sum body feels gone in tickling. This is because in a crystal certain pool there are small fish as normal on clay in public facilities fish therapy. This fish known as Garra Rufa. However, people a propos her are more up to date later than the publicize of fish a month.

pria laot waterfall, sabang

Pria Laot Waterfall, Sabang

So what are you waiting for. If the natural landscape waterfall is unable to satisfy your heart, there is still a natural fish therapy which could even become your strong reasons to come here.

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