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Exotic Suhom Waterfall, Aceh

Suhom Waterfall, Aceh
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Suhom waterfall is located in the village and the village of Kreung Kala Suhom, Lhoong sub-district, Aceh Besar district, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. To go to Suhom Waterfall from Banda Aceh, takes approximately one hour by public transport. Travel there via the route Banda Aceh - Calang (Aceh Jaya), passing Lampuuk Beach, Coastal Lhoknga and Leupung subdistrict. There are two things that are remembered along the way. First, the ring road to the village of Krueng Kala was crossing the mountains by a winding road. In several sections of many monkeys on the loose. The aerate is similar to the thesame upon the island of Lombok. Second, in some way, his passage controlled by the cow. correspondingly many, in some places even resolved a caution sign "cattle region". The admission spread to the waterfall site is re Rp 3,000 per person and may give Rp 5,000 to the official on protect at the edit next we went two people.

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We will pass some stairs made of the rather slippery board to acquire to Suhom Waterfall. This waterfall is located in the middle of lovely natural scenery and natural. In the vicinity there are many durian trees, therefore that the durian season many are selling durian in this area the waterfall. In addition, not far off from the waterfall there is then a location that can be used for camping. Waterfall area's own range of keep facilities. subsequent to the toilet, place of love as competently as extra supporting facilities.

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Suhom Waterfall have some level with the top at each alternating level. The highest level is the third level to a height of nearly 50-meters. But on the third level has a hydroelectric faculty plant that is used to aptitude the kampong residents to use the waterfall is located. as a result that visitors are not allowed into the third level because it could endanger visitors. In addition, women are prohibited from rising to the second level because the track is slippery and steep which can lead to unwanted things. At the times of September, the flow of the Suhom Waterfall fairly heavy. This is because in September in West Sumatra had started to rain, in contrast to the weather in Java which tends to be the teetotal season.
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So, add a Waterfall Suhom to list your next holiday.

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