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Pagaruyung Kingdom

Pagaruyung Kingdom1

Pagaruyung Kingdom is a Malay kingdom that past stood, now covers the provinces of West Sumatra and surrounding areas. The royal read out referenced from Tambo imaginable on Minangkabau society, which is the herald of a village who named Pagaruyung. well along on, the proclaim of this kingdom may plus be referred from inscriptions stamped seal of Sultan Tangkal plants Bagagar of the country Pagaruyung, ie on writing Javascript in the loop section dlm which reads as follows: Sultan Tangkal flora and fauna Bagagar ibn Sultan Khalifatullah which has a royal throne inside the country Pagaruyung Darul qadar Johan Sovereign Zillullah fil 'Alam. This kingdom finally collapsed during the Padri War. Signing of an accord in the company of the native taking into consideration the Dutch has made the kingdom Pagaruyung under the executive of the Netherlands. Previous kingdoms united in Malayapura, an empire which at amoghapasa inscription mentioned led by Adityawarman, who normal himself as a Malay ruler bhumi in Suwarnabhumi. Including in Malayapura is Dharmasraya kingdom, and the kingdom or supplementary Adityawarman conquered areas.

Pagaruyung Kingdom2

Istano Basa stands now is actually a replica of the original. Istano indigenous base located upon a hill rock broken and burned down in a bloody riot in 1804. The palace was set back, but put up to next burned in 1966. The process of rebuilding Istano Basa curtains by laying the stump tuo (main mast) on December 27, 1976 by overseer of West Sumatra that time, Aaron Zain. The new building is not acknowledged in the obsolete palace site, but at a new location in the south. In the late 1970s, the palace has been nimble to be visited by the public. upon February 27, 2007, Istano Basa suffered harsh fires due to lightning striking at the top of the palace. As a result, three-level building was destroyed by fire. To catch fire as capably as some documents, as capably as fabrics side dishes .. It is estimated that solitary not quite 15 per cent valuables survivors. Goods that escaped from the ember is now stored in the Central Antiquities Tanah Datar. Inheritance Pagaruyung Kingdom itself is stored in Istano Silinduang Months, 2 kilometers from Istano Basa.

Pagaruyung Kingdom3

Meanwhile, the cost of rebuilding the palace is estimated at more than USD 20 billion
 Basa Istano Pagaruyung rebuilt in 1976 is a duplicate of the building Istano Rajo Alam Minangkabau who burned the Netherlands in 1804. The building consists of 11 gonjong, 72 milestones and third floors. This similarity is equipped taking into account a surau, tabuah Rangkiang damage Part, as without difficulty as building bodily Istano Basa Pagaruyung equipped afterward various carvings of all form and color engraving has a philosophy, history and culture of Minangkabau.

Pagaruyung Kingdom4

Located in the district of Tanjung Emas Pagaruyung Nagari is the center Perintahan Tanah Datar, + 5 km from the city Batusanggkar and easily accessible by means of transport wheels 2 and 4 as well as the received vehicle wheel Bendi in the city Batusanggkar. Here are some paths toward Istano Basa Pagaruyung and distance:
1. The city of Padang Kubu via Kerambil = 105 km
2. From Bukittinggi via gate Simpang Baso = 35 km
3. Through the open Simpang Piladang borders the district of 50 cities within 45 km
Istano Basa Pagaruyung is the say of the royal family residence that once a Minangkabau Minangkabau Kingdom centre at the time. Construction of the building is oscillate from the homes of unnamed people.

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