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The Highest Waterfall in Indonesia - Sipiso-Piso, North Sumatera

Sipiso-Piso, North Sumatera1
Sipiso-Piso, North Sumatera (1)

Location Sipiso-Piso is not far afield from the location of Lake Toba, in the village Tongging, Merek, Karo District, of North Sumatra province. Situated approximately 24 km from the city Kabanjahe. Sipiso Piso located on the subject of the edge of Lake Toba northern section behind a zenith of nearly 800 meters above sea level (asl) and is surrounded by green hills because of overgrown pine forest. Altitude Sipiso-Piso nearly 120 meters hence it has been named as one of the highest waterfalls in Indonesia. From Sipiso-Piso we can furthermore look the view of Lake Toba from a zenith that would be entirely beautiful. correspondingly many people are axiom that this waterfall as perfection in the middle of the view of Lake Toba from a height and depth of the waterfall flowing from the bowels of the earth. You can use the bus next the City Kabanjahe majors in the same way as less than 2 hours. Then, after arriving in Kabanjahe, followed by a bus trip to Lake Toba. The trip takes practically 30 minutes taking into account a set against of not quite 24 km.
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You will be surprised by the fascination Sipiso-piso, considering you are in the village Tongging, where the waterfalls are located. since you see the waterfall in the works close, visit at the viewing pronounce is located upon the hilltop. You will look a stretch of the beauty of Tanah Karo. From this observation post, you can enjoy the beauty of the Samosir Island, the island in the middle of Lake Toba. in the manner of you are satisfied in the manner of enjoying the lovely scenery of the remote, you can continue the journey through the ridge to merge bearing in mind the beauty Sipiso-piso.

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If you're excited to look to what degree this Niagara falls, you can flaming hundreds of steps to the valley floor. However, first create sure you are physically strong to evaluate these stairs, because the road is quite steep and slippery. The vacation takes very nearly 1 hour to attain the base of this waterfall. upon the way, realize not forget to capture the lovely moments of this by taking pictures against the background of Lake Toba. when we got downstairs we would atmosphere amazed. little rainbow created immortal in the valley, and a splash of water resembling fog, and rain as if it is always next to to rumble later than thunder.

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Sipiso-Piso, North Sumatera (4)
Some services in Sipiso-piso adequate, such as the availability of parking lots and food stalls. For lodging you can find in the village Tongging and Kabanjahe village. To buy souvenirs for associates or friends, you can purchase in souvenir shops in this tourist spot.(Source: bearing in mind edits)

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Sipiso-Piso, North Sumatera (5)
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