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Lake Linting - North Sumatera

Lake Linting - North Sumatera1
Lake Linting - North Sumatera (1)

Linting lake is one of the tourist charms in North Sumatra. The lake is located in three villages namely Sibunga-Bunga Village, the Village of Mount Manumpak and Durian IV Mbelang, District Sinembah Tanjung Muda (STM) Upstream, Deli Serdang regency. To acquire to the lake Linting, visitors can use public transport from Medan Amplas terminal at a cost of not quite Rp20,000 per person. However, it would be greater than before if you use a private vehicle. A separate from of approximately 70 kilometers, the lake Linting taken virtually two hours drive from Medan through Delitua and Patumbak, Deli Serdang. Along the road to the lake Linting, cool scenery oil palm, rubber and cocoa go forward out upon the left and right of the road. Although drivable as soon as four wheels, the road to the lake Linting quite alarming. entry road in the manner of a width of two meters was rocky and muddy. Just a few kilometers the road to the last village that is still asphalted.

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admittance fees to tourist sites Lake Linting Rp. 5000 / person. in the same way as she reached the location of Lake Linting Medan, North Sumatra Tourism I snappishly looked at the lake rolled up close. It is extraordinary indeed afterward assuage waters and blue, I did not waste this opportunity to surround the lake rolled several times. After circling the lake, I felt tired and finally I was istrihat moment below a shade tree that has provided a mat that we can rent at a price of Rp. 15.000 - Rp. 25000.

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Lake area of approximately one hectare was turquoise, but some say that the lake was blue-green. warm water lake that does not smell of sulfur. However, the water of Lake Linting if sampled nevertheless feels sulfur. upon the banks of the lake, there is a banyan trees large and little made as regards the lake was chilly to hang out bearing in mind family. The lake is turquoise allegedly because its extremity is deep enough. Until now, the depths of Lake Linting nevertheless a mystery. Some traders on the subject of Lake Linting states there has never been attributed data extremity of the lake. Never some become old ago, a foreign moot to work the height of the lake by hand. He had already spent three loops along the 100 meters has not yet touched the bottom of the lake. Communities around the suspect, Linting lake shaped taking into consideration a no question deep well. Therefore, if a visitor tries to swim in the lake is always important for people not to the center of the lake. Because, in this lake several times a visitor drowning incidents occur. However, if just soaking in the edge of the lake, visitors can mood the relaxation of warm water of about 30 degrees Celsius.

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In adjunct to the depth of the lake, the balance of the formation of the lake is furthermore nevertheless unclear. The local community heap mythical stories circulating by word of mouth. Volcanic lake is told in give support to by yourself a mound hill and then in a moment shook and there was an explosion appropriately as to make a water-filled basin. Linting lake formed. deserted not quite two years Linting lake visited by tourists. Previous locals did not dare to swim in this lake. They did not dare to door the area of the lake. up to now there is no scientific mention that examines the formation of this lake. ( source : )

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Lake Linting - North Sumatera (5)
Lake Linting Medan, North Sumatra Tourism has now been addressed by the local organization of the dated left untreated, back it is rolled isolated lake in the care of local authorities or residents lively in the vicinity of the lake rolled. since local governments are handled has misused very Linting lake that was gone a lake untreated or shrub is now tidy and beautiful, the visitors now unquestionably crowded. The facilities had been provided and the seller was already getting a lot in this tourist location to sell.

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