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Pulau Samosir, Enchantment Tours In Central Lake Toba, North Sumatera

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Who does not know who is in the island of Samosir, North Sumatra, surely you've heard a lot of recommendation practically the island of Samosir utterly pretty and wealthy culture of this vagabond. Samosir Island is already very skillfully known not deserted in Indonesia, but has swept the world as one of the leading tourist destinations of Indonesia, especially North Sumatra. Samosir Island is a volcanic island in the center of Lake Toba in North Sumatra province. An island in the island in the same way as an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level makes this island an island that attract tourists. Samosir Island itself is located in the district of Samosir newly bloomed in 2003 from the former District Toba -Samosir. There are several ways to arrive to the island of Samosir, if you pick air line. First of every you acquire on a jet majors Medan, and you are the last end of Kuala Namu International Airport. From here you locate Paradep bus heading to Siantar. After traveling for 3 to 4 hours, say the driver you desire to go alongside in Simpang Dua taxi Parapat. From here you believe a cab to Parapat, located roughly 1 hour. Until Parapat you can catch a ferry to infuriated to the island.

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Samosir Island is a large island in Lake Toba Samosir Island which itself consists of six sub-districts of nine districts contained in Samosir regency. Lake Toba itself has a length of 100 km bearing in mind a width of 30 km and can achieve depths of 505 m at an altitude of 900 meters. Lake Toba is the largest lake in Indonesia and the largest lake in the world vulcanology. Samosir Island itself has an place of 640 km2 and is the central island in the world's fifth-largest lake. Lake Toba and Samosir island formed by volcanic eruptions terrifying nearly 69000 to 77000 years ago subsequently the 8.0 scale Volcanic explosivity index (VEI). 8.0 VEI scale supervulkanologi described as agreed powerful sore that spewed> 1000 km3 swelling material considering the eruption reached a zenith of 50km and decree the temperature and conditions in the stratosphere enlargement toposphere and earth. The pustule of the Toba has lowered the temperature of the earth is more or less 3 to 5 degrees Celsius and reaches 15 degrees Celsius at a progressive latitude, the human population on earth that died up to 60%. (Source:

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Samosir Island Formerly located in the mainland in imitation of the island of Sumatra, the fake of a cape in Lake Toba. The narrowest ration of Samosir is in Pangururan, its width is isolated more or less 300 meters. Residents used to drag the boat to be moved to the new side of Lake Toba, rather than having rounded Samosir. In the Dutch colonial era river channel built to bring the two sides of Lake Toba. Boats can pass from one side of Lake Toba, circled to the further side without Samosir. in the same way as the canal, terputuslah already Sumatra Samosir terrain and could be said to have officially become an island. Samosir mordant place is exactly what is called the Tano Ponggol. At first, Tono area Ponggol built a bridge using the wood for a long time. But now Tano Bridge Ponggol been concretised in 1982. According to the books of Batak culture, Ponggol Tano in "pieces" of the Netherlands for two reasons: firstly aims to service the transport of water and both aim to divide the nation formerly Batak psychologically.

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