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Keraton Yogyakarta : Palace of Culture and Beauty Java

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Keraton Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta) or often referred to Ngayogyakarta Palace is located in the heart of the province of Yogyakarta Special Region (DIY), Indonesia. Because it is located in the middle of Yogyakarta, which bearing in mind taken straight parentage in the midst of Mount Merapi and the South Sea, the palace became the middle of both. To acquire to the Keraton Jogja is agreed easy, because it is located right in the center of the city of Jogjakarta. However, Adventurers must furthermore be nimble and dexterous to memorize the route that can be passed on to the Keraton Jogja. For Adventurers who drove from Semarang or Wonosobo (kretek - directly to the arena road west) keep amused pass route: Ungaran- Ambarawa - Magelang - Jogja Jl Magelang - Terminal Jombor - Jl Diponegoro (Tugu Jogja approach right) - Mangkubumi Jl - Jl Malioboro - Jl Ahmad Yani - Jalan Senopati - Jl Brigjend Katamso - mommy Roswo Jl - Jl William - Jl Kesatriyan - Keraton Jogja. For the Solo or Klaten or Kebumen along with vis--vis the thesame just exchange ways of routes in the city alone. attain not have a headache, because the street signs in Jogjakarta enormously helpful finding Keraton Jogja. Keraton or Kraton Yogyakarta is the last kingdom of every the kingdoms that had triumphed in the home of Java. following the Hindu-Buddhist kingdom finished and after that forwarded to the first Islamic kingdom in Demak, then stood option kingdom of Mataram Islam which was founded by Sultan Agung after that walked and appeared Keraton Jogja founded by Sultan Hamengku Bowono I. Until now, Kraton Jogja still saving culture was amazing.
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Palace building stretches from north to south. The stomach page of the palace is called the square north and backyard called the square south. Design of the building shows that the palace, monument and Mount Merapi is located in one line / axis is believed to be a sacred thing. In the in the same way as Sri Sultan used to concentrate somewhere along this axis since leading a meeting or giving orders to subordinates. The so-called Kraton is the residence area of queens, derived from the words: ka + ratu + an = palace. then called Kadaton, namely ke + datu + an = kedaton, a datu-datu or queens. Indonesian language is a castle, correspondingly the palace is a palace, but the palace is not the palace. Kraton is a palace that connotes a religious, philosophical meaning and cultural meaning (culture). And indeed, the Kraton filled past meanings mentioned above. The architecture of the buildings, where the ward-ward, carving-carvings, decorations. The trees are planted in it are not indiscriminate tree. all the guidance contained herein as if giving advice to us for love and surrender ourselves to God Almighty, applies a easy and industrious, cautious in our tricks secret and others. Who is the architect of this palace? He is Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono I own. with I was young, the king the title of prince Mangkubumi Sragen and nicknames, according Dr.F.Pigeund and Dr.L.Adam on Java Megazine in 1940: "de bouwmeester van zijn broer Sunan PB II" ( "architect of Kakanda Sri Sunan Pakubowono II ").

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Moreover, Keraton Jogja categorically thick subsequent to Javanese ethnic line very menajubkan which yet can be found re and inside the palace itself. gone Adventurers to Keraton Jogja then, that's the easy tally of the culture and beauty of the house of Java. every hardly represented in one place that is engaging and totally intriguing. How could I not, at the Palace is nevertheless a lot to keep on a variety of art, culture results, the variety of custom clothing and home-style forms a pretty Javanese. complete not just end there, at Keraton Jogja along with demonstrated how supelnya Java people communicate and bersapa subsequently all the people who come there. entirely exotic and attractive. Palace of Yogyakarta, as a representation of Javanese culture to be found behind the Explorers into the palace, such as performances dances of Java virtually stories (chronicle of Java land, epic Ramayana) performed by dancers who are reliable and adept of astonishing magnetism the audience as carried away sacred very hypnotic. Accompanied by the sealed of pulsating gemelan delectably dirty considering the verses of Javanese sung delightfully by singer and warangono Keraton Jogja. In addition to dance, puppet stage plus presented a very interesting person to be seen, the puppet is substitute from most because the hobby is something like thesame to the commotion ballet. Javanese dance performances are ended in the admittance pavilion same to the palace, in view of that adventurous freely freely watch from various angles. Perfection of a Javanese culture, pretty dance deserves to be seen.Viewing angle is option such Kedhaton palace, where Kedhaton this is a meeting area similar to all stakeholders king palace. with the spread joglo pretty building later than a few ornaments that adorn arab Javanese style in all wall and pillar, along with a wide variety of leafy plants sacred ventilate of Java adds more cool and attractive. The pillars are lined in such a mannerism to accumulate a strong and robust Keraton Jogja that time. Some park buildings as well as enhance all corner of the complex Kedhaton Keraton Jogja. There are fascinating komplek the Kedhaton, next the Explorers log on entry Karatons place after that it will always meet gone the guards (specialized workers) palace or commonly called by Abdi Dalem. Abdi Dalem are not allowed or forbidden to Mungkur (ina: Kedhaton backs). so the Abdi Dalem will always facing Kedhaton and not turned Kedhaton. as soon as the author asked the reason, after that the typical Java language and briefly tug the Abdi Dalem said that Kedhaton is a fable of a king, a king sitting there, and that's one habit to pay great compliment to the King. interesting is not it?

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Some gamelan instruments are plus displayed in the Palace of Yogyakarta, Gamelan comes from the word meaning gamel hit. Gamelan music instrument itself is typical of Java where the music game is finished by using a tool such as kenong, kempul, drums, gongs, flutes, harps and others. Gamelan itself played nearby singer called by Sinden (women) or Warangono (man) as in pentaskan taking into account entered in advance Yogyakarta Palace complex. next entering the room of paintings, found many historic paintings past kings jogja, wife and kids king jogja, paintings of freedom, and a wide range pengambaran of the palace. If the Explorers went into the painting place reach not forget to enter the painting of the sacred and of mystery, appropriately said the courtiers. The painting is abandoned a few, in area of its own. The secrecy is with adventurers see paintings Javanese king, next see the shoes worn slop king, as soon as the adventurer is to the left of the painting after that these shoes will narrowing in the paperwork of adventurers. Well, attempt to wander to the right side even though looking towards the King's shoes, miraculous indeed, it was as if the shoes to follow where the Explorers step. Viewed from any angle, the shoes were always leads wherever dealing out one is looking. Keraton Jogja itself is definitely frosty and comfortable, in view of that Adventurer ndak not panic in the manner of weary and exhausted. Because the shade of the trees and the gazebo seats easy to use there to sit and relax for a while considering it runs out walking concerning the palace. Keraton Yogyakarta, Java culture and beauty there. So, if there schedule Adventurers in Jogjakarta.(Source: )

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