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Beauty Pasumpahan, Padang

Beauty Pasumpahan, Padang1

It is usual that the West Sumatra has a firm travel package. People say attain not have far to go abroad, to West Sumatra just all there. desire to see the architecture and culture, here thick buildup. desire to find mountains and valleys, West Sumatra place. If the tourist destinations that I mentioned just now extremely already widely known. It turns out that West Sumatra afterward has marine tourism. very not many know that the islands of West Sumatra has a categorically lovely and lovely. Here I want to ration practically Pasumpahan just a 1 hour steer from the coast in the city of Padang.

Beauty Pasumpahan, Padang2

West Sumatra has a great quantity of natural and cultural community that is distinctive and unique. An area stretching from the west coast to the central portion of Sumatra is presenting a unique experience and has made it as one of the best and favorite tourist destinations in the country. One of the engaging sights to visit are Pasumpahan. Pasumpahan is one of thousands of islands in Indonesia. The island is located in the waters of the chasm Wrap Kabung Kota Padang - West Sumatra. The extent of approximately 5 hectares. If seen from the map, the aim next-door to the island Pasumpahan sikuai.

Beauty Pasumpahan, Padang3

Regional coral reef ecosystem is one of the existing tourism potential. In auxiliary to types of coral reefs, there are also various types of ornamental fish that create this island is unconditionally interesting to be visited by tourists. It is said that the island is trusted by the local community is the incarnation of Malin Kundang in the curse into stone. From this masyarakaat confidence, Pasumpahan broadcast is derived. Pasumpahan after that has a tourism white sand and coral reefs are yet awake. Beauty of the sea there, make this island began to be known by a variety of local and international tourists. Interestingly, the sea surface owned this island as if it is estranged into three parts. The reason is the height of the sea. Most edge of the sloping, sand beach looks transparent. Somewhat ahead sea water looks greenish. Water heritage in stomach of the green, blue sea till the middle. sadly I can not manage to pay for a photograph that the results can piece of legislation 3 colors seawater. It's known previously I am not a professional photographer and just rely on a pocket camera, cause all my photo was not optimal and much more lovely view actually.

Beauty Pasumpahan, Padang4

To accomplish Pasumpahan, it took more or less 35 minutes by speedboat. Rates conclusive by the provider of transportation services is Rp 40rb, this price includes the cost of round-trip. If it is costly there are extra alternatives to visited this island. You can rent a boat bearing in mind rents Rp80.000 for a capacity of 10 people. In supplement you can along with rent a fishing ship in the gulf bayur. Pasumpahan has a utterly beautiful scenery. in view of that no incredulity if the local and foreign investors are vying gone each supplementary to manufacture the island. Which became the main sympathy of this island is a gigantic expanse of sand almost the Pasumpahan. Coupled next lovely waves, making the tourists amazed. Thus, you will character isolated away from the loud goings-on of the capital.

Beauty Pasumpahan, Padang5

On this island, you can work various comings and goings that are very interesting, such as swimming, snorkeling, diving or other dome goings-on when touring the island. By foot, then the entrepreneur can enjoy a variety of beauty that is every more or less the island. The island can be regarded as a distant island. So, if you want to vacation in this place do not forget to bring mosquito repellent, personal medications, sunblock as with ease as food and drinks are supplicants. There is plus a tent set stirring as a result that you can spend the night on the island. pull off not make miserable and regret later, because this island is the most beautiful island in West Sumatra.

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